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Mike Massey

Mike Massey is the best known and most accomplished trick shot artist in the game of pool. He is an inductee in The Billiards Hall of Fame. He was voted Best in the History of the Game of Billiards Digest and currently holds the title of World Artistic Pool Champion. He won ESPN's Trick Shot Magic Championship 2004. When the great Minnesota Fats made his trick shots, Mike was hired to set up the shots. He has also played pool and taught many movie stars such as Johnny Cash, Stephen Baldwin, Danny Aiello and a list of others.

"Dr. Cue" - Tom Rossman

Dr. Cue has been chosen as the APA's ambassador to promote armature pool. In addition exhibitions, "Dr. Cue" will also be featured in annual instruction columns in The American Poolplayer magazine, and will hold special performances during APA national events. With over 40 years of experience and approximately 200 exhibitions per year he has developed and directed "Artistic Pool" competitions throughout billiards history.

Alison Fisher

She won her first world title at the age of 17. To date, she has won over 80 national titles and 11 world titles in total. She even entered the Male Snooker ranking, but never progressed into the sport's upper levels. Feeling that she didn't receive the respect, which the male players had, she moved to the US to play on the pool circuit where women receive greater respect. Fisher did not take long to make her mark in the world of pool, winning only the second tournament that she played in. She has an unequaled record, winning 50 WPBA titles, which includes 4 world 9-Ball championships. Since her move, she has also been the highest-earning player on a number of occasions, which takes into account male and female players. Match room sports invited her to play in the Matchroom snooker league, and she was also invited to play in the Mosconi Cup 1994, when Europe lost 16:12 against Team USA.

Ewa Mataya Laurance

Ewa Mataya Laurance or simply Ewa Laurance (born Ewa Svensson, February 26, 1964, Gävle, Sweden, and formerly known as Ewa Mataya) is a Swedish professional pool player, most notably on the Women's Professional Billiard Association nine-ball tour, and more recently a sports commentator for ESPN.
Laurance, nicknamed "the Striking Viking", has been playing pool since she was 14 years old. She moved to the United States in 1981 [dubious – discuss] after competing at the New York City World Championships.
She has authored three books, The Ewa Mataya Pool Guide, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Pool & Billiards, and Quick Start Guide to Pocket Billiards [clarification needed]. She has also written monthly columns for Pool & Billiard magazine. In 2004, she was inducted into the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame.

Tony Robles

Among the career highlights considered most important to Tony is a run of 113 balls he accomplished during the 1992 Straight Ball Championship held at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. The feat wowed the tournament crowd, which rose to give the Silent Assassin a standing ovation. Most rewarding of all was the presence of one of his biggest fans that reveled in the moment his father. Other highlights of Tony's career include high runs of eight straight racks in 9-ball and five straight racks in 8-ball. He also boasts a high run in straight pool of 267 balls.

Paul Potier

Potier is an acclaimed trick shot artist, a billiards instructor and a billiard room consultant. He competes internationally, and leads fellow enthusiasts on the annual Pool School in Paradise. Away from pool, Poitier enjoys golf, tennis and languages.