The Billiards Café


Are you planning a party or function?

The Billiards Café has hosted hundreds of events: Birthday Parties, Fundraisers, Going Away's, Jack & Jill's, Retirements, Team Building, Christmas Events, Weddings, Socials, Baby Showers, Company Socials, Wedding Receptions, etc.

We are very good at what we do and our staff will do whatever we need to do to make your event a success and a stress-free day. In order to help you plan for your event please use this guide for pricing. Before you make your final decision talk to us as we may be able to save you money or offer a few ideas.

Rental Service Fees

Playable pool/ping pong tables14.95/hour
Covered pool table, no linens & loss of pool usage99.00 ea.
Covered banquet table w/ linens & set up service fee119.00 ea.
Covered high tops w/ linens29.00 ea.
Move out center pool table for dance area & loss of pool usage195.00
Stage usage for DJ or band w/ loss of table usage125.00
Put up sound curtains on stage95.00
Folding chairs for seating around tables1.35 ea.
Library usage, includes table linens55.00

Banquet Options

Chaffin dishes & sterno23.00 ea.
Porcelain plates/napkins/silverware1.95/person
Heavy-duty paper plates & plastic ware1.25/person
To-go boxes, large.39 ea.
Voile candles, per table.95 ea.

Food selections

Please visit our Menu Page to see our platter selections. Offering a wide variety of selections.
Bringing in your own food, we do allow this under special circumstances and depending on the number of people we charge an outside food fee/set-up fee. Please understand that we support our business with food sales. If you would like to bring in your own food there is a modest fee for this. We also ask that your group helps us in cleaning up. Bring in your own extension cords.

Less than 50125.00
Over 50225.00

NO confetti, of any kind, attached to balloons or sprinkled on tables
NO bringing in drinks of any kind.
Popcorn and cupcakes are also not allowed.

Special coupons are not applicable to events. All pricing and terms are subject to change.
Please call after 4:30 at 978-772-7665 (POOL) or Calvin Moore direct 978-621-1174 (If no answer, he will return your call.)

Thank you for choosing the Billiards Café for your next event!

Payment via cash/check — no fee
Credit card fee @ 3.75%